My Approach

I am passionate about health and nutrition and am a big advocate for a balanced approach to health. While I believe that every bit of food we eat influences how we feel, look and think, I also believe in the importance of a healthy relationship with food. My approach to health and nutrition is holistic and focuses on the whole body with emphasis on four key elements – nutrition, movement, stress management & sleep – each of which play a fundamental part to your overall health and your capacity to feel your best. 

As a nutritionist, my ambition is to inspire and equip people to invest in their health by taking a holistic approach, and through sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes, see people reach their health goals and feel amazing. My approach to food is simple yet effective. It focuses on an abundance of high quality natural whole foods that contain the perfect balance of nutrients and function as true nourishment for our bodies, leaving us feeling and looking our best. 

About Me

I grew up in Denmark, but after a year of traveling around the world as a 20 year old, ended up moving to Australia. A year later I married the man of my dreams and began studying nutritional medicine in Sydney, Australia. During this time, my own diet and overall health completely transformed and after struggling with IBS and skin disorders from a young age, I became completely symptom free and felt better than ever.

After completing my studies as Nutritional Therapist, I went on to complete a University degree in Health Science (complementary medicine) in New York City. After this, I began working as a nutrition specialist for one of the world’s leading health & weight loss companies in New York City, and during this time also started up a nutrition project in a non-profit organisation that sought to teach young children about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating.

We moved from NYC to London, and had our three children. And aside from raising our young children during this, I worked as a wellness consultant and nutritional therapist for private clients and corporate organisations from all over the world.